Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplements for the Southeast US

Medicare: We Educate and Counsel

Health Insurance for Seniors, Medicare, can be extremely difficult to understand.

Is it best to go with a Medicare Supplement or a Medicare Advantage Plan, or just stay on Original Medicare?

Do you know about the late enrollment penalty if you don’t sign up for a Prescription Drug Plan when you are eligible?

Who has the best plan for your area?

Our service for assisting you is free and we’re appointed with many carriers in Georgia.

Original Medicare does not include extra benefits such as Dental, Vision, or Hearing coverage. There are gaps for expenses like Hospital Deductibles and funeral expense. We have options to cover these risks.

There are also special plans developed for people that are eligible for Medicaid along with Medicare, so if you are someone you know has both, let us educate you on your options.

And if you have Medicare along with VA or Tri-care benefits, you may also be entitled to extra benefits designed just for our Veterans and retired Military members.

If you have Medicare Questions, we have Medicare Answers!

Per CMS guidelines, Agents and Brokers are required to have this Scope of Appointment permission completed at least 48 hours prior to a meeting. Click the Continue button below and you can e-sign the document granting us the legal permission to assist you

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